Chef BosGuy

Taste of Boston BosGuy and Frenchie

I’m a fairly good cook thanks to my Mom who always encouraged me in the kitchen and I actually cook several homemade meals every week.  I know a lot of people think all I do is eat out, but I do enjoy cooking.  For example, this weekend I roasted a bunch of veggies, made a ridiculous amount of what turned out to be delicious red sauce, approximately 18 meatballs and one of my better eggplant Parmesan. 

Chef BosGuy

I make this sort of thing regularly through out the Fall and Winter. It is my comfort food. Do you cook?  What do you make regularly?

5 responses to “Chef BosGuy

  1. Comfort foods – Chili and lasagna


  2. This time of year stew or a good sauce with meatballs, steak and pork. Made an awesome chicken soup with butternut squash and shittakes last weekend!!!!


  3. i, too, love to cook and have worked as a professional chef off and on since 1978 or so. more off than on for the past several years…i gave up restaurant work years ago and took my vocation as an avocation. it works out better that way. if it’s dead i’l cook it. pretty much. and what i make depends on the season, what’s locally fresh and available, and the constraints of my environs–here in far northern alaska, the fresh and local is very limited…i’m not a huge fan of whale meat, seal or walrus. i would love more caribou to cook, but have to rely on the convenience of strangers, but it works better with friends nearby.

    as for cooking, lately i’ve been doing a lot of soups and sourdough bread baking. i’m waiting for my matzoh meal, so i can make matzoh ball soup, the lightest soup i’ll make until the weather breaks reasonably fast, easy, nutritious, and satisfying, especially with the weather we’ve been having. we lost the sun monday next.

    happy cooking one and all


  4. One of my favorite things to do is head up to Haymarket and buy about 10lbs of plum tomatoes, a whole big thing of garlic, a couple pounds of basil and some onions, maybe even leeks. I cut them all up and roast them together along with some salt and pepper to season and olive oil to keep them from burning.

    I then take the result and run in through a food processor. The best tomato sauce I’ve ever had.

    But I too like to cook. Like last night, I had some chicken, tomato sauce and onions, jalapeno peppers and garlic. Sauteed the last three and then cut up the chicken and tossed it around in there. A little salt and pepper, in goes the sauce and then the pasta that was cooked al dente gets thrown in. Fantastic!



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