Restaurant review: Estelle’s

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Photo Source: Urban Daddy Boston

Estelle’s Southern Cuisine opened in the South End approximately one year ago but it wasn’t until recent that I visited this casual neighborhood restaurant. Estelle’s won me over with its easy going atmosphere, continuous stream of 80s pop rock that played all evening, and the impressive selection (30 all included) of beers on tap. While I lived in Atlanta for a few years, I’ll be among the first to admit I’m not a Southern cuisine aficionado so my comments are more focused on my impressions rather than if Estelle’s passes the muster as an authentic southern cuisine restaurant.

Estelle's Bitter Green Salad $9.95

Estelle’s Bitter Green Salad $9.95

Estelle’s menu is reasonably priced with Starters ranging from $5-$14; Burgers & Po’Boys ranging from $8-$13; and Main Plates ranging from $18-$26.  I started my dinner with the Bitter Greens Salad that has a delicious sherry – mustard vinaigrette, beets, goat cheese & orange – spicy pickled carrots. The salad portion was so large it could easily be shared but that didn’t prevent me from eating nearly all of it myself.

Estelle's Pulled Pork $12.95

Estelle’s Pulled Pork $12.95

Following the salad I ordered what the bartender told me is a reoccurring special, a Pulled Pork sandwich.  This too proved to be addictive.  The pulled pork was piled so generously on the bun that I needed my fork to eat some of the excess off before I could even attempt to pick it up to eat.

Estelle's Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Pie $6.95

Estelle’s Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Pie $6.95

Against my better judgement I succumbed and ordered dessert when I heard the bartender describe how the chef puree’s peanut butter and banana and serves it on a light thin pie crust topped with chocolate and served with a side of fresh whipped cream. This was so decadently good I know I’ll have dreams about Estelle’s Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Pie.

From start to finish I enjoyed my dinner. This latest venture from the Wilcox Hospitality Group get two thumbs up from me.

Estelle’s 782 Tremont St  /  (857) 250-2999

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