Sick BosGuy

sick teddy bearI was suppose to be in NYC Tuesday through Thursday, but I’m not feeling great so I cancelled my trip.

I hate it when I’m not feeling 100% and since I’m so rarely sick, I think I’m probably a terrible patient. I bet this is my body’s way of protesting the winter weather here in Boston. It has been a shock to the system since returning from sunny, warm Brazil.

4 responses to “Sick BosGuy

  1. Sorry to hear it. Me I hardly ever get sick. It’s weird. But then I take common precautions – I tend to wash my hands pretty frequently when I’m around sick people. Plus I tend to avoid big crowds of people. That’s probably why.


  2. Have some tea and toast…vitamin C and watch junk tv..I always feel better after that.
    Feel better handsome!


  3. I’m like you – I get sick so rarely that when I do I am nearly incapacitated. 😉


  4. Get well soon!!! Don’t want to be sick for the Holidays.



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