7 Eleven leaves Rollins Square

7 eleven rollins squareAfter 10 years, the 7 Eleven at Rollins Square has officially closed.  While nothing is official, rumors suggest that Pet Supplier, Petco, is eyeing the space.  With so many pets in the neighborhood I’m sure many would like to see such a store come into the neighborhood but rather than trading one national chain for another, I would far prefer to see a local retailer replace the 7 Eleven.

Do you live in the South End? What would you like to see go into the vacated 7 Eleven space at 1310 Washington St.?

5 responses to “7 Eleven leaves Rollins Square

  1. I’d like to see a nice local coffee shop. Something with couches, fireplace, etc. Think Jaho, but focused more on comfort. There really isn’t anything like it this far down Washington. With all the new residences coming in, beat Starbucks to the Arena.


  2. Not Petco. Anna’s Taquaria!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I heard it was already decided that its another bank.


  4. Real opportunity for some local good. Maybe a small business loan to get them started?



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