Sochi Olympics: The missing link

Sochi OlympicsDid you know that Russia is the only world power right now actively encouraging discrimination and hatred against the LGBT Community?

Did you also know that the IOC has in their charter and mission that they are committed to “To act against any form of discrimination affecting the Olympic Movement.” Discriminatory laws enacted in Russia affect the Olympic Movement and participating gay Olympic Athletes but that seems to be an inconvenient truth for the IOC so they’ve pretended not to notice, but I have and it has really ticked me off.  I’ve ranted about it here, here, and here.

Later today the US Olympic Committee’s road to Sochi Tour comes to the Boston Common Frog Pond skating rink from 11am-5pm so I thought I’d share some information about The Missing Link.  It is a campaign focused on raising money to go to Immigration Equality’s Russia Emergency Fund. Over the coming weeks, I’m sure I’ll post a few more rants about my disappointment in the I.O.C. I’m curious how you feel about this?


2 responses to “Sochi Olympics: The missing link

  1. Yes, very interesting how the IOC is just taking a pass on this one. I haven’t watch any Olympic event in years. It’s sort of passe.


  2. I’m DISGUSTED by the IOC’s public ostrich-like sticking of their head in the sand when it comes to the gay athlete’s safety in Sochi for the games!! I do NOT believe Putin that the athlete’s safety is assured, supposedly. I haven’t actually seen him assure anyone of that, all I’ve seen is several politicians and celebrities, all male, bashing gays. I fully expect to see something horrible happen to be honest. I hope it doesn’t, but something tells me something awful is going to happen.



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