Institute of Contemporary Art free tonight

ICA Boston Now that the holidays are over, the inevitable ‘holiday hangover’ may have settled in and if you are like many others your wallet is only just now realizing the full impact of all those presents, holiday party gifts and impulse buys from last month.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out tonight. The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Boston) is a fantastic local museum that is open to the public and free each Thursday evening from 5 – 9pm.

2 responses to “Institute of Contemporary Art free tonight

  1. I’ve been to the ICA. Great building, and at least the exhibits they had when I was there were phenomenal.


  2. To every age it’s art. To art it’s freedom. Vienna Secession founder Gustav Klimt.

    Every chance you have to see art in the many forms used to present – take it. This is a weekly gift. Which is very much following the Secession School model.

    Art is so powerful that even after the German SS bombed the s–t out of, art was restored, the building as well.

    Art has not death – it is life. That is my quote.



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