Boxers to open in Philadelphia

Gay barsBoxers, a gay sports bar with two locations in New York City, announced last week that they will open a third location in Philadelphia.  The news comes on the heels of Fritz Boston – Boston’s only truly gay sports bar – closing.

My post this past October, Farewell to Fritz, caused a huge uproar resulting in several thousand shares on Facebook (a record for this blog). Time will tell what Fritz 2.0 (the new name will be  The Trophy Room) will look like and if it will be a gay or gay friendly bar (by the way there is a HUGE difference in this blogger’s mind).

I would like to court the owners of Boxers NYC, Bob Fluet and Robert Hynds, to look East and consider a location here in Boston. We have an affluent, sports-minded gay community that I think would welcome them with open arms.  I love  gay sports bars and if Boxers decides Boston isn’t in the cards, I’d like to welcome Gym Sports Bar that has locations in NYC and LA.  I want you here… Boston wants you here.

3 responses to “Boxers to open in Philadelphia

  1. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!



  2. Boston please sit tight. Boxers loves Boston and you are definitely in our sights. Do I hear 2015…..



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