Best grilled cheese evah

BosGuy cooksIn the winter I really love to make grilled cheese sandwiches. They are so satisfying and easy to make; I can make this in 10-15 minutes without needing a single pan.  I layer my sandwiches with tomato, prosciutto, mozzarella and mustard but you can add whatever you like.

I start by spritzing each side of bread with olive oil and putting it on foil under the broiler.  Once the bread starts to toast on each side I take it out and slather on mustard, thinly sliced tomatoes, prosciutto and of course cheese.  Press the bread together and place it under the broiler for just a minute or two. Then turn off the broiler and leave the sandwich there for another minute or two.  Pull out the sandwich, cut it, plate it with chips and pour yourself a cold beer.  It is delicious every time. I promise.

One response to “Best grilled cheese evah

  1. It does sound good! I love another style of grilled cheese made with brie, goat cheese and olive tapenade. Amazing…



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