Cazewell releases new song: Helen Keller

theater offensiveMassachusetts native (turned New Yorker) and gay rapper who is responsible for such ditties as I seen Beyonce at Burger King and my personal favorite, Ice Cream Truck, is back with a new song called Helen Keller.   Apparently Cazwell is taking the name of the famous American author and activist who was born deaf and blind and turning her name into a word that describes someone you completely cut out of your life.

Like the end of the song says, “We’re done. I don’t see you and I don’t hear you. We’re through… Buh-Bye.”  

I think that Gretchen Wieners might have a better chance of making “fetch” work than this new use of an iconic American heroine, but I suppose time will tell. Until then, check out Cazwell’s latest video.

3 responses to “Cazewell releases new song: Helen Keller

  1. I’m a fan of Cazwell but I don’t think this song is as clever or catchy as his others.


  2. I’m offended. Burn this MV now.


  3. Hmm

    I do not see the humor in this song.

    It is quite offensive to me. What other physical limitations will become fodder for sophomoric lyrics and stereotyping?

    The LGBT community, the visually impaired community, the deaf community all deserve better than this dreck – every community, every individual does.

    Will his next “song” attack nationalities? What group is up after that?



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