Why is your state so…

Why is your state so...Click on image to enlarge

What are people commonly asking about your state? The @Amazing_Maps Twitter account shared this graphic earlier this week, showing the top Google auto complete suggestion for every state.  I’m actually rather proud of Massachusetts auto complete.

2 responses to “Why is your state so…

  1. Why is my State (NJ) so “Blue” and yet have it’s voters be so dumb as to elect Chris Christie as Governor TWICE!


  2. I am amused that Wisconsin is “so liberal”, a reputation that does not take into account our crazy Repugnican governor and legislature. Not only does our state constitution prohibit same-sex marriage, it forbids anything remotely resembling it — thus rendering even our weak registered domestic statute vulnerable at the (Republican) State Supreme Court where it is under review. AND if my partner and I go out of state to get married, we will be technically be liable to prison and a huge fine if charged and convicted. Why is my state so liberal? Gimme a break!



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