Favorite Boston pizzeria

Boston PizzaPizza may be my absolute favorite food; perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A lot of people will dis Boston pizzerias in favor of pizza shops elsewhere, but I’ve found a number of places I really like.  One of my absolute favorites is the North End pizzeria, Ernesto’s.

The pizza pie crust is flavorful but not too thick and I love their sauce. My only beef with Ernesto’s is that they don’t deliver, but that doesn’t stop me from picking up a pizza every couple of months.  The large 18″ green pepper and onion pizza is $18 and change; and worth every penny. Give Ernesto’s a try if you live nearby or happen to be in the North End.

Ernesto’s Pizza – 69 Salem Street – Boston (617) 523-1373

Do you have a favorite pizzeria in Boston?  Do tell. Boston Pizza

4 responses to “Favorite Boston pizzeria

  1. Ernesto’s shrimp scampi pizza, available only on Fridays, is pretty damed good.


  2. The best I’ve found so far in Boston is Picco’s. Crispy, charred crust with flavorful sauce and not buried under a layer of cheese.


  3. It’s tough, since I’m one of those people you get sick of hearing complain about stuff like this: transplanted New Yorkers. I tend to go for just plain everyday pizza; Pinocchio’s in Harvard Square ain’t half bad for that. Newbury Pizza was pretty good too but I hear it’s gone now. And I still haven’t tried Santarpio’s.


  4. Santaripo’s – 111 Chelsea St, East Boston, MA 02128 – (617) 567-9871
    Voted The Best of Boston 1995-1996-2000-2002-2005-2008-2010-2011- 2012.
    Cash only. No delivery, they also have great BBQ. Beer and Wine only. Pizza can be ordered for takeout.



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