Right brain vs. Left brain

left or right brainedI’m left handed. As a matter of fact, I am sooo left handed that when I was much younger and learning to play baseball I use to catch and throw with my left hand; until I was made to throw with my right hand which is why I think to this day my aim stinks and the safest object is the one I’m aiming at… but I digress.

Watch this interesting video and let me know what the result was. Are you more left brained, more left brained, or evenly divided?

3 responses to “Right brain vs. Left brain

  1. I turned out equal as well. I would have thought much more left. Also, I was born left-handed, but forced to switch by my grandfather because I had “The devil’s hand.” Consequently I am ambidextrous in most things.


  2. I am right handed. According to the test I am right-brained, but in reality much more left-brained with just enough right-brained to keep me from falling over.


  3. I equaled out on that one. got the logic, got the creativity, etc. But while I am right handed, in some instances the dexterity of my left hand is just a little better.



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