Gay cliques test: Muscle pup

gay cliques quizI  took the free online Gay Cliques Test and came away with the following results: 44% Twink, 52% Bear, 68% Daddy, 39% Cub, 44% Otter, 50% Pup, 72% Muscle_Pup, 71% Wolf and 54% Gym_Bunny.  I don’t really understand what any of that means; how can one be 44% Twink and 52% Bear – seems impossible. I broke down the quiz’s description of me according to how Gay Cliques interpreted my responses to the 2-minute quiz.

Oddly I’m labeled “The Muscle Pup” despite not having much muscle mass nor being of a “pup” like age.  According to this fun, free and easy online quiz, I “have average height, hairiness, looks, and sex appeal.”

Your best friends are Gym bunnies, and other Pups“, Um… not really although I do love bunnies and puppies.  The quiz goes on to suggest that I am attracted to Twinks, Gym Bunnies, and Otters.  All true I suppose as I like all sorts of men.

Curious and want to take this quiz:  The Gay Cliques Test

6 responses to “Gay cliques test: Muscle pup

  1. 51% Twink, 43% Bear, 63% Daddy, 40% Cub, 59% Otter, 69% Pup, 65% Muscle_Pup, 63% Wolf and 61% Gym_Bunny!


  2. I took both the test that BosGuy posted and the link Ryan provided. The first labeled me a Daddy and least attracted to other daddies (I’ll let my 15 years older BF know that). The other labeled me a Gym Rat. Yeah, I spend sooo much time in gym.


  3. The Bear
    30% Twink, 85% Bear, 74% Daddy, 46% Cub, 61% Otter, 50% Pup, 61% Muscle_Pup, 77% Wolf and 28% Gym_Bunny!


  4. this test is ridiculous. The fact that you are 44% twink and I’m 49% twink is absolutely idiot. And I was 59% daddy – um, what now?


  5. I’M A TWINK!!! Can you be 43 and a Twink? I’m so stealing this for my blog!


  6. The site they reference on the first page ( is much more accurate and much more fun!



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