Restaurant review: Blue Dragon

Ming Tsai

Photo credit: Melissa Ostrow

Last Thursday Blue Dragon celebrated their one year anniversary.  This is Ming Tsai’s second restaurant and his first in Boston. When it first opened there was so much buzz it was impossible to grab a seat at this gastro pub that served Asian inspired plates.  One year later the place remains a popular destination, and I’m happy to say that Ming’s touch remains – the food and service is excellent.

PotstickersBlue Dragon encourages you to share plates so there are only a few true dinner plates.   We sampled a bit of everything but one thing you *must* try is the potstickers on the menu; we tried two:  Carolina BBQ (top left) for $9 and Braised Short Rib and Chinese Celery Potstickers (top right) for $9.  Both were soft and flavorful, but I liked the kick in the BBQ Potstickers most.

Ming TsaiWe followed the poststickers with Ming’s take on Fish-n-Chips $12 that are made with panko cod, fries and served on a soft tortilla with cabbage, peppers and Chinese black vinegar aioli.  These were delicious and something I would recommend to anyone who likes this sort of thing. The peppers had some heat that I found really appealing.  We countered the “fish and chips tacos” with Teriyaki bison sliders $13 that come topped with smoked Gouda, caramelized onions and shiitakes.  Both plates went great with my winter lager.

Ming TsaiFor dessert we ordered the deep dish chocolate chip cookie $10.  The cookie is served warm in a skillet and topped with ice cream and caramel sauce and was delicious.  One year later, Blue Dragon proves it still is worth visiting.

Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon is in Fort Point Channel at 324A street in Boston; open Monday – Saturday; closed on Sunday.

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One response to “Restaurant review: Blue Dragon

  1. Glad you both enjoyed it. I have been a few times and you knocked it out of the park describing the way the majority of the menu is created to share. I find that so refreshing in a world which at times seems to be “all me.”

    I do not eat pork or shellfish or mix meat and dairy so not all of the food is accessible to us. I only wish they would make their Dan Dan Noodles with a tofu option as you can get many places in Chinatown.



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