Hotel review: W Washington D.C.

Travel The W Hotel Washington D.C. is a unique property for the W Hotel chain. The building first opened as Hotel Washington back in 1918 and is a registered building so when the W Hotel took over the space, they had to maintain certain architectural features in the lobby and exterior. I think they did a fantastic job and this is a property I would stay at again.

The hotel rooms are more in line with your typical W Hotel.  My only gripe with the layout was my desk had only one plug so I had to charge my phone by my bed while working at the desk because both my phone and laptop were nearly drained by the time I had checked in. 

The bathroom space is semi private with a sliding door that hides the commode and over-sized shower. A sink and vanity is located across from the shower and by the hall near the closet and entry to the room. TravelThe W Washington D.C. is located at 515 5th Street and has all the amenities you would expect but its best feature is their P.O.V. roof terrace bar / restaurant with views of The White House and The Washington Monument.  The property is near many of D.C.’s attractions making this a good location for both business and personal travel.

2 responses to “Hotel review: W Washington D.C.

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  2. I love this hotel. It is my go to when on business in DC



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