Restaurant review: Claires on Cedros

Claire's on CedrosA couple weeks ago the entire family packed up and headed to Southern California to visit my brother, sister-in-law and niece. We spent the first night in Solana Beach, California and the next morning we converged on Claires on Cedros to have breakfast together.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it was the best breakfast I’ve had in recent memory.  This cute restaurant that was obviously at one time a tiny ranch house has a cute front yard and a much larger back patio where we were able to sit outside and enjoy our meal together.

Claires on Cedros in Solana BeachClaires breakfast menu is too extensive to do justice and unfortunately the online menu doesn’t include all their pastries which you notice both by scent and sight when you first walk into the cute restaurant. I couldn’t help but start breakfast with this homemade cherry scone ($3.50) that came with cherry jam and butter. It was served warm and was delicious.

I also ordered the Caprese Frittata ($10.95) that came with homemade ricotta, provolone, both oven roasted and fresh tomatoes, topped with arugula salad served with fresh pesto and drizzle of basil oil. I devoured the over sized breakfast plate, loving every bite.omelet at claires on cedrosSergio seemed to enjoy his eggs and french toast breakfast as did the rest of my family.  If I lived in Solana Beach, CA I’m pretty sure this would be one of my go-to breakfast options.

Claire’s is open daily and located at 246 N. Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach, California.  For more information about Claire’s visit their website at

One response to “Restaurant review: Claires on Cedros

  1. Thanks for the nice review of Claire’s on Cedros. Much appreciated, Claire



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