Manifest by Blake Little

Gay, BearsEarlier this week I was pleasantly surprised when Blake Little’s book, Manifest, arrived at my house. The coffee table book has 100+ pages of men from coast to coast photographed by Blake Little. As Nick Offerman says in the foreward “These people look like men, like real men.”  Clearly my weekly Furry Friday posts have found new found inspiration in Blake’s collection.

Thank you very much for sending this to me. I have proudly placed it on my coffee table and will continue to peruse it. If you’d like to read more about this book or order a copy visit

4 responses to “Manifest by Blake Little

  1. But to be clear, I have no issues with the guys, nor having a book focusing on a specific aesthetic. I just don’t like the use of the term “real,” as if others are somehow less.


  2. Sorry, but I don’t think so… He is referring to manly, macho, burly men… Read his web site (he says so himself). You can’t say that his vision of “real” men is any more inclusive than airbrushed/tweaked photos. It is just as one dimensional.


  3. I hate the use of “real men” to describe a specific type of guy. All men are real.


    • I think what he means is men you might see in real life rather than models who’s photos are airbrushed and tweaked to resemble an ideal that is both out of reach and not necessarily everyone’s idea of desirable.



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