Does this bug anyone else

OCDA couple weeks ago I was in gridlock traffic with this van in front of me. Within a second my eyes zeroed in on something off. Do you see it too? It was making me go a bit crazy.

10 responses to “Does this bug anyone else

  1. Dwight Supremacy

    The missing comma after “commercial” or the weird periods in “D.&.R”? Both bother me.


  2. Not only are the periods not necessary, but one is misplaced. Second, there is a comma between Residential and Commercial, but not one between Commercial and Industrial.


  3. Well, it does say Master Electricians, not Master Grammaticists.


  4. Shouldn’t the period be after the R and not before?. It’s proper when names are abbreviated or so I learned back when.


  5. Nope I think it’s the NRA sticker, lol I’m southern it’s the first thing I saw well second saw the blanket first.


  6. Is it the full stop after the ampersand instead of after the R? Or the lack of comma after Commercial? (Or maybe it shouldn’t even be after Residential). I guess both of these wouldn’t register if you were passing or stuck for lights, but if waiting for ages I can see how they would irritate an already bad situation. I’m not the best at punctuation but you’d think the sign writers would question it.


  7. The period is before the ‘R’ instead of after it. Ugh!!


  8. At first I thought it was the missing punctuation from the line before the phone number but then I saw what you mean. It may not be correct, but at least it’s symmetrical πŸ˜›


  9. It may not be correct, but it certainly is symmetrical. πŸ™‚


  10. I’m a fan of the oxford comma, so I would have preferred “Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Wiring”. I also don’t understand why the ‘&’ is flanked by periods.



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