How to avoid the winter blues: Vacation

Sergio, Travel, Gay Travel

Grand Cayman – February 2014

Every year around this time I write a series on how to fend off the winter blues; no small feat if you contemplate how severe our previous two winters have been. This year, I’m only going to post this one tip and will save the other suggestions for when winter finally arrives.

Avoiding the winter blues: Book a vacation now: Think of it as therapy, or for your mental health. The anticipation of the trip and the memories in the days that follow your return will help immensely. I recommend taking a long weekend if more time away isn’t feasible and look to book a trip in late January or anytime in February. This is when winter is at its worst here and a great time to get away.

Travel tips: Book now. Airfares will significantly increase in the coming weeks. Plan your departures / arrivals during the middle of the week; flights are often more affordable and if you go away for a week it gives you a short work week before leaving and after returning.


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