South End restaurant Addis Red Sea for sale

South End, DiningThe Ethiopian restaurant, Addis Red Sea, has been operating in the South End since 1988 but Eater Boston says that restaurant is now up for sale. According to the article published last week, the restaurant is being sold “as shown,” with 68 seats and an existing beer and wine license.

The combination of their fantastic location and their existing beer and wine license will no doubt result in the owners getting a lot of money but my immediate question(s) are when will they close? For how long will the space be vacant? And who will replace the affordable and unique dining establishment?

3 responses to “South End restaurant Addis Red Sea for sale

  1. The beer and wine license certainly makes this an interesting buy, I doubt it will close for more than a couple of months, if that, ABCC is taking 2-3 monthS to aprove a license and prior to that the city has to aprove it as well [another month], usually the current owner stays operating thill that happens, but renovations can take another month, hope they find a new and interesting concept for the space.


  2. All those years in the early 1980s to late 1990s living at 258 Shawmut this was a go to. It helped that as a mostly kashrut observant Jew the menu is welcoming.

    Back in the day when the first Franklin Cafe opened I expressed my gentrification concern after the variances afforded to them. Turkey meatloaf not withstanding.

    We moved over to 9 Appleton Street in 1994 and finally in 1998 out of the gayborhood to Winthrop. But at least once a month we fine there.

    More frequently back in the days of my bartending at Playland. You know that place every queen likes to diss but showed up and were served.


  3. Dang, another favorite of mine is going away



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