Surviving a New England winter: Book a trip

New England winterWhile many who live in New England love the winter and all the sports and activities associated with the season, it is hard for me to embrace the cold.  The weeks that follow the holiday season are the most difficult for me. If you too are doing your best to battle the winter blues you may want to take note of a series of blog posts I’m going to share. I can’t promise if you follow these steps that you will love winter, but I can assure you it won’t seem quite so awful.

Today’s post is in many ways a re-posting of my How to avoid the winter blues: Vacation post that I shared back in October.  This past fall I urged anyone who read my blog to make plans to book yourself a get away at some point in January, February or March to break up the season and have something to look forward to. You will be amazed at how therapeutic it is to get away – even if only for a long weekend – to someplace sunny and warm.  


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