Off to Austin, Texas

Work will bring me to Texas next week so I decided to use the opportunity to fly out later this week to visit a good friend who lives in Austin before I have to go to Dallas. Unfortunately, Sergio won’t be able to join me while I am visiting Laura and Brian, but I will be joining a former college roommate and friend who will also be in Austin visiting at the same time.

Brian Northridge, Laura Northridge, Friends

October 2009 – Austin, Texas

I’ve visited Austin, TX a handful of times since that first visit in October 2009 and always have fun.  The tiny city has grown significantly in the seven years since I first visited but it retains a quirky charm that distinguishes itself from the rest of the state.  The city’s obsession with large cows which are the University of Texas mascot is puzzling but they can make for fun pieces of public art. Austin TexasWhenever I visit Austin, I stay with my friends in a leafy neighborhood of Austin called Westlake that is really just a well situated suburb. I’m sure we will get out for a night or two but most of our time will be spent relaxing at my friend’s beautiful home; maybe poolside if it is warm enough.

One response to “Off to Austin, Texas

  1. It’s a good music scene there too



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