Homophobic hate crimes on the rise in Brazil

The captions above say "To be gay is not weird... Homophobia is weird."

“To be gay is not strange… Homophobia is strange.”

The New York Times writes about anti-gay violence rocking the LGBT community in Brazil, attributing some of the rising violence and intolerance to a troubled economy as well as increasingly intolerant rhetoric from American-style Pentacostal congregations who use the gay community as a scapegoat for the ills afflicting Brazilian society.

“Nearly 1,600 people have died in hate-motivated attacks in the past four and a half years… a gay or transgender person is killed almost every day in this nation of 200 million.”

It is so sad to think that of all the wonderful things the US can export, it is the Evangelical movement that is taking hold in Brazil.  The Brazilian economy will eventually rebound – Brazilians are resourceful and hard working. However the hate that is taught as ‘religion’ by these Evangelicals will sadly remain. You can read the full article in the NYT here.

One response to “Homophobic hate crimes on the rise in Brazil

  1. Brazil has always been a society with open mindedness even with the high catholic population. 1600 is quite a bit….and it’s hypocritical that hate is being taught as a means to an end by a church….the axiom power corrupts and corrupts absolutely needs to be updated to encompass religion….



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