John Michael Gray (one half of the Hat Sisters)

john-michael-gray-hat-sisterBoston and Provincetown’s gay community is a little less fabulous today.

John Michael Gray who is survived by his husband Tim O’Connor have been known far beyond Boston and Provincetown as the iconic “Hat Sisters” for as long as I have lived in Boston.

For those of you from Boston and Provincetown, I’m sure your Facebook feed is already flooded with tributes and photos of these two very special men, and I wanted to join in my own way by sharing how much I love these two. I want to also express my profound respect for how their love for each other and Boston and Provincetown helped many of us become a little more comfortable with ourselves and feel welcomed. My fondest memories of John are of him having drinks at Fritz on Chandler Street, lighting the Pride Lights tree on Tremont Street each year and of course his fabulous entrance to Tea Dances at the Boatslip in Provincetown.

My heart is breaking for Tim O’Connor.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Tim with the medical costs incurred. You can learn more and help Tim by visiting the page here.

4 responses to “John Michael Gray (one half of the Hat Sisters)

  1. This is an extraordinary loss to all of us. We will profoundly miss him.


  2. Very sad news. With the loss of Ellie, Diane Fernandez (Diane Z), Provincetown mourns another who helped shape its soul.


  3. This is a tremendous loss to Boston’s gay community. A true icon, legend, and beautiful soul has been taken from us.


  4. RIP

    Many blessings.


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