Word of the day: Pitcher

spring trainingPitcher (\ˈpi-chər\noun
Definition: The active partner in anal intercourse
Example: Bars always seem to be filled with catchers looking for pitchers ready to go play ball.

5 responses to “Word of the day: Pitcher

  1. i am so out of it i couldn’t understand what ewers were doing on a gay blog


  2. Thank you! Well, I guess you’re never too old to learn (chronologically, sixty, physically one-hundred) .


  3. So many catchers do sadly.

    PS Where are these bars where a pitcher would be appreciated?

    Asking for a friend.


  4. Call me stoopid , but I don’t understand the definition. Does this mean that the “catcher” just lays there, inactive? Sounds kind of boring, so to speak. Oh, well, none of my business 🙂



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