The best cannolis in Boston

Modern Pastry BostonBoston Magazine’s 2017 Best of Boston Readers’ Poll is underway through the rest of the year and this month the magazine is asking their readers to rate the best Raw Bar and best place to get a cannoli in Boston.

With regards to raw bar I have my own personal opinion but the question about where one can get the best cannoli in town this blog answered with a resounding vote back in 2014 in my post, Mike’s Pastry vs. The Modern Pastry Shop.

The pastry shop that won the blind tasting (hands down) is shown in a recent photo I took of a visit there when I was in need of these delicious Italian pastries.

4 responses to “The best cannolis in Boston

  1. You may have to add Bova’s to your next cannoli taste test – but my vote was for Modern 🙂


  2. I’ll be the person who chooses – Other. I’ve tried Mike’s and Modern but I prefer Maria’s. It always seems to come down to Mike’s versus Modern but really it should be Maria’s versus Modern. Maria’s, like Modern, only fills the shells when you order. And it tastes incredible. Plus Maria is absolutely awesome.


  3. Modern. You know it is the best not only by the mastery – but the fact your Italian friends buy from Modern.

    Now onto real things – best eggplant parm evah!

    Rino’s East Boston.



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