Mike’s Pastry vs. The Modern Pastry Shop

Mikes vs Modern Boston North End Italian BakeriesAnyone who has grown up in the area will be familiar with the rivalry that exists between two of the North End’s biggest Italian pastry shops.

Mike’s vs. The Modern

Earlier this month I hosted three taste testers to blindly sample a plain cannoli from Mike’s Pastry and The Modern Pastry Shop. The testers agreed the size of the pastry was relatively similar, but the appearance of The Modern’s cannoli was more appealing. When I asked what it was about The Modern’s cannoli one tester said “it looked more rustic and homemade.”  You decide. Which looks more appealing to you?

Mike's Pastry Cannoli $3.50

Mike’s Pastry Cannoli $3.50

The Modern Pastry North End

The Modern Pastry Shop Cannoli $2.50

While size and appearance matter when evaluating food, what really counts is what it tastes like and all three tasters agreed the cannoli from The Modern Pastry was superior.  The pre-filled cannoli from Mike’s made the cannoli shell not as appealing and the ricotta filling from The Modern was sweeter and creamier. Have you been to these Italian pastry shops? What do you think? Conduct a side-by-side sampling like we did and share your findings with me.

BosGuy Cannoli tasting

Do you like this sort of thing? You may want to check out the results of a another blind tasting: The Best Chocolate Chip cookie in the South End.

3 responses to “Mike’s Pastry vs. The Modern Pastry Shop

  1. Has anyone tried Maria’s on Cross Street?


  2. Modern…hands down! Not even close…everything is better at Modern…


  3. Mike’s is likely better-known, although I agree that the quality of Modern is better–and your photos show how it even looks better! I was surprised, though, at the price difference. Mike’s is better-known but to charge a buck more just on the strength of the brand–especially when the two shops are across the street from each other–seems to be taking advantage of the guest… And this only will go so far with the customer…



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