New England Aquarium eyes ambitious expansion


Source: CBT Architects/Globe

Boston developer, Don Chiofaro has been trying (unsuccessfully) to turn an ugly garage along the Greenway into a luxury high-rise, but the New England Aquarium along with others, has been a vocal opponent to the development until recently according to a recent Boston Globe article.

A new proposal put forth by The New England Aquarium may end up a game-changer for the redevelopment of the Harbor Garage.  According to the article, the Aquarium wants Chiofaro’s help in extending the Greenway 1,000 feet to the waterfront to create an expansive public parkland that would encourage visitors to the Aquarium. The plan is incredibly ambitious and would include an expansion of the New England Aquarium by adding 95,000 more square feet and an additional 40 feet of height.

One response to “New England Aquarium eyes ambitious expansion

  1. Implemented in a couple of hases over 10 years



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