Boston Magazine names the top 25 new restaurants

boston-25-best-new-restaurantsDo you enjoy dining out in Boston? This month’s Boston Magazine might be worth picking up as they feature what they are calling Boston’s “Top 25 New Restaurants”.  Despite the fact that I eat out more than most people, I’ve only been to 5 of the restaurants on the list. I find the article more interesting for the restaurants that didn’t make the list.  After spending the past year listening to hype about new restaurant openings nearly every month in the Seaport, I wasn’t surprised that not a single one made the list.

Kava Neo Taverna South End BostonOn a more positive note, I wanted to give a shout out to several restaurants in my neighborhood including 2. SRV – an equally beautiful and delicious Italian restaurant worth trying; 7. Bar Mezzana – also Italian in the Ink Block is on my list to try but I’ve yet to visit; 21. Gita at Wink & Nod is New England inspired cuisine; and 22. Kava Neo-Taverna is a delicious Greek restaurant in a cozy space on Union Park that I can’t rave enough about.


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