Disheartened by the election? Read, It’s Not Over

Michelangelo SignorileFor those of you who are nervous about a Trump Administration, I would recommend you buy Michelangelo Signorile’s book, It’s Not Over

Signorile postulates that the progress the LGBTQ community has made during the Obama Administration has infuriated the Right and stiffened the resolve of social conservatives who are determined to win this cultural war.  He also turns a critical eye to many of our supposed “allies” in Washington, the media and Hollywood  who too often remain complacent and in the words of the book “become a roadblock to progress.”

While I doubt Signorile could’ve predicted a Trump victory, much of what he warns of happening in his book does appear to unfold. Take heart by taking a closer look at his suggestions for how to combat those darker forces in our society and politics, which now feel emboldened by a Trump Presidency. With roughly half of all Americans casting their vote for Donald Trump, the next two years must be spent building bridges with those who voted for Trump as a protest against Clinton but typically vote Democrat and also rallying those who opted not to go to the polls to ensure even more Americans vote in 2020.


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