How true was that Hollywood movie

moviesHave you ever watched a movie “based on a true story” and wondered how much of the truth was stretched or eliminated altogether to appease Hollywood? The website has used data to review every scene in several popular biographical films to evaluate their veracity.

Below are two movies that are included in the post.informationisbeautiful

Deep blue means the scene is  true and pretty much what happened
Light blue means the scene is mostly true but tweaks were made
Light red means the scene was pretty false; understandable dramatic license
Deep red means completely false – outrageous dramatic license taken
Grey means couldn’t be verified or sources may have been private (e.g. diaries)

See how true several other popular “based on a true story” moves are here.

2 responses to “How true was that Hollywood movie

  1. Oh this is just AWESOME! Great tool for the entertainment bloggers. Interesting find!


  2. I only found out about the “Information is Beautiful” Website from an article I read on Gay Star News (

    Interestingly enough, I have often been drawn to watch motion pictures that were “based on a true story.” Also, of the fourteen listed in the article, I have yet to watch any of them, but now I can see which ones are more true than false.

    Thanks, again, BosGuy, for another great post.



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