Gay book reviews blog

gay-book-reviews-blogWith the holidays in full swing and Christmas in less than two weeks a lot of you may be hopping on planes and traveling to get back to family.  Should you be looking for recommendations for gay themed novels to pass the time while you are traveling or off from work, I wanted to point out the blog Gay Book Reviews.

Most of the reviews are of gay romance novels, which isn’t exactly my favorite genre but there are some mysteries and suspense novels interspersed. I want to see more LGBT-themed literature regardless of the genre so I wanted to give the site a shout out to encourage anyone looking for book suggestions to check out the blog.  Links are provided to for the books that are reviewed to make it easier to download to your kindle or order online for delivery.

Gay Book Reviews blog 
Gay Book Reviews is a permanent link in my Blogroll

One response to “Gay book reviews blog

  1. Good morning, BosGuy. Thanks for this!

    I have written about the Rainbow Book Fair and FlameCon on my personal, LGBTQIA+-themed WordPress Blog, “This Gay Man’s Life…” So seeing this blog is wonderful.

    Incidentally, I happen to love reading Gay Male themed romance novels, but I have also enjoyed the Gay-themed murder mysteries written by THE Joseph R. G. DeMarco.

    I shall have the opportunity to discover some new favorites when I visit

    Have a great day, and Happy Holidays!



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