Men in kilts

men fashion, dirk caber, shirtless manI’m unsure what it is about the kilt but gay men have an affinity for this article of clothing so I’m creating a new weekly post showcasing men in kilts.

For this inaugural post I’m featuring a photo of a friend. For those who don’t know Dirk, he has an affinity for the kilt. His appreciation for wearing a kilt has now even spilled over to his partner, Jesse, who has now taken to wearing them with greater frequency.

Check out their photo together at Toys for Joys Boston this past December.

4 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. Handsome, kilted, muscled, bearded. Hmmm what is there to not like here? Nothing. He’s beautiful.


  2. Nice! Interesting to know that you met Dirk Caber in Boston! I actually mentioned him and Jesse Jackman on my earlier post about California Prop 60. Check out the post here:



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