J.D. Power: Boston Logan Airport Ranks at bottom in 2016 North American Airport Study

travelOUCH! Last month J.D. Power and Associates released their annual North American Airport Satisfaction Survey and Boston’s Logan Airport ranked 28th out of 32 large airports. One reason cited for Boston’s dismal ratings are the disruptions caused by renovations. However, Logan Airport has some unique issues that in the near term seem likely to continue to frustrate travelers.
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About the Study  Now in its 11th year, the study measures overall traveler satisfaction with large and medium North American airports by examining six factors (in order of importance): terminal facilities; airport accessibility; security check; baggage claim; check-in/baggage check; food, beverage and retail. The 2016 North America Airport Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 38,931 North American travelers who traveled through at least one domestic or international airport with both departure and arrival experiences (excluding connecting airports) during the past three months.

See more results here.

3 responses to “J.D. Power: Boston Logan Airport Ranks at bottom in 2016 North American Airport Study

  1. That’s not good, hopefully those renovations will be finished soon


  2. International arrivals are the most painful. Hopefully the expansion of Terminal E will help that. Also, at that time C & E will be connected behind the sterile area.


  3. Logan Airport = Really four airports (Terminals A,B,C,E) sharing the same runways. Transferring from one airline to another…. hope you gave yourself enough time for the bus ride and another security screening.



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