BosGuy reviews bliss Spa Boston

w hotel bostonThe winter months in Boston can be tough – even for natives like me. In years past I’ve posted tips on How to survive a Boston winter, but this year I thought I’d suggest some ways you can pamper yourself.  To that end I’m going to review different spas in Boston to try and identify my favorite.

w hotel bostonI started my ‘research’ at the full service spa, bliss Spa Boston on the second floor of the W Hotel Boston.  The spa is clean, spacious and very welcoming. Whimsical stenciling throughout the second floor greet you as you walk into the spa. My only knock against bliss Spa Boston is how tiny the men’s facilities are and the fact they only have one male masseur (his name is Vincent BTW).

Vincent gave me what bliss calls a 75-minute “blissage” their version of  a Swedish massage. When I met Vincent I asked if he would also incorporate some deep-tissue techniques in particular on my legs and back, which he obliged.  The massage also included a paraffin wax treatment on my feet that left them feeling warm and softer than most of my pedicures.

w hotel bostonThe knocks against the bliss Spa Boston is a lack of male masseurs and the tiny men’s lounge, which felt cramped. Having only one shower (that was being used) meant I was unable to wash off after my massage and changing back into my clothes proved a bit tight with others also using the lockers at the same time. However, the facilities in general are very nice, the masseur gave an excellent massage that had me sleeping like a baby later that night.

Blissage 75 minute / 100 minute cost $160 / $225
Extreme Sports 60 minute / 85 minute cost $155 / $220

BosGuy Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, Awesome.
ratings-awesomeWhile the bliss spa rates may seem high, they are in line with most hotel spas and other full service spas in the city. To help defray the cost, look for coupons on sites like Groupon. At the time I booked my massage the bliss website offered $25 coupon for any treatment more than $150.

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4 responses to “BosGuy reviews bliss Spa Boston

  1. It’s not necessary to request a male massage therapist in order to get a great massage. It is just your ‘personal’ preference. ALL of the therapists at Bliss are skilled. Also, it is also your preference to shower after your massage.
    Showering after your massage means that you rinse off all of the hydration that your winter skin needs. And, moisturization is also protection for your skin from environmental elements. I’m happy that you enjoyed your service, but just some fyi’s’.


  2. Nice! They should definitely get more male masseurs there



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