BosGuy reviews MiniLuxe

miniluxe-seaport-bostonThe winter months in Boston can be tough – even for natives like me. In years past I’ve posted tips on How to survive a Boston winter, but this year I thought I’d suggest some ways you can pamper yourself.

For those who are unfamiliar with MiniLuxe, it is a Massachusetts-based company that provides nails, waxing and beauty services; salons are also in Los Angeles, Texas and Rhode Island. The company has plans to open five more locations in Boston in 2017 including one in the South End. For more details on that location read my post MiniLuxe to move into Emilio’s Pizza space

MiniLuxe Seaport pedicure stations

MiniLuxe Seaport pedicure stations

On this visit Sergio and I opted to try the MiniLuxe “Foot Facial” which costs $59 and took a little longer than 90-minutes from start to finish. In addition to the typical treatment associated with a traditional pedicure of scrubbing, clipping, and removal of dead skin (which by the way they did an exceptional job doing), they incorporate a “facial” component to treat your feet that starts with a scrub followed by a fragrant green peppermint lotion that makes your feet tingle as they wrap them not once, but three times – first in plastic baggies, followed by a heated black footie and finally with a white cotton-like sock.


The “facial” component of the MiniLuxe Foot Facial takes some time but it is very pleasurable and leaves your feet feeling warm and tingling.

The administration of the lotion and then the warm booties takes time as they let the process go to work on your feet, which I have to admit is wonderful pampering for the feet. After the MiniLuxe clinician removes the lotion from the facial portion of the service they rub into your feet and lower legs their Be Natural facial cream to further moisturize your legs and feet.

While the entire process is a bit over the top, it is a great pampering option if you want to elevate your pedicure experience, and it is a fun treatment to get with a friend since you’ll have plenty of time to catch up. When one goes to MiniLuxe part of what you are paying for is their all-natural products, the minimalist and clean environment and the feeling that you are here to enjoy yourself. On our visit all of the above was accomplished.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

BosGuy Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Wicked Awesome.ratings-wicked-awesome

While paying $59 for a pedicure may seem high, the entire experience was pleasurable from start to finish and left our feet tingling for quite a while. If you like getting a pedicure, this is a treatment I can assure you that you will appreciate. My only tip would be to pick a MiniLuxe location that isn’t busy so the process is not rushed.

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