Advocate list of queerest cities is a waste of time


Despite using San Francisco’s skyline to promote their findings, San Francisco barely cracks the Top 20 based on The Advocate’s pointless metrics to create this joke of a list.

I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy unscientific “Best of” lists and have been known to include many of them on this blog, but The Advocate’s annual list of “Queerest Cities” in America is a waste of time. Using random metrics like tour dates from a gay duo and number of gay rodeos as criteria to create their list makes me wonder why even bother?

In their latest ranking New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago don’t even make their list of 25 cities. Never mind the fact that arguably the gay capital of the US, San Francisco (which is also the skyline they use to promote the list) ranks 17th yet Irvine, CA is ranked 10th and Miami ranks 16th with St. Petersburg (a.k.a. retirement capital of the east coast) is ranked 3rd.

Perhaps the oddest finding is ranking Jersey City, NJ as America’s Queerest City. What’s the point Advocate? Are you just trying to keep your journalists busy?

2 responses to “Advocate list of queerest cities is a waste of time

  1. Washington DC has a big gay community but small and shrinking foot print. The bars and clubs of the years have all closed and turned what were gayborhoods into str8-vile. The sense of gay community is lacking and aging like everywhere else. I work in DC

    Surprised there’s still a “gay list”


  2. I read a similarly ridiculous list entitled “Best retirement cities for gays” or something like that. More than 1/2 the “best” cities were in red states or the bible belt, neither of which have a great history for their equal treatment of gays and lesbians. One can only wonder what ‘criteria’ was used!



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