The rise of the alt-majority

never trump, dump trump, alt-majority, women's marchA new political movement has unexpectedly been born in response to the divisive political rhetoric coming from the White House and the emboldened “alt-right”, which Donald Trump has courted and praised repeatedly. To everyone’s surprise this unnamed movement has been doing what no political adversary was able to do in the Republican Primary and general election, stealing the spotlight from Donald Trump and drawing massive crowds that dwarf his.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this new, emerging “alt-majority” as the New York Times called them is that demonstrations are happening virtually everywhere guaranteeing local news coverage throughout the country.


3.3 to 4.2 million people across the U.S. participated in the Women’s March

While these protests have provided populists like US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and others with a platform to speak at massive rallies, the Democratic Party has largely been left behind. To date these rallies have been organized and supported by grass roots organizations and they are using word of mouth and social media to help spread the word. The real question is can this unnamed mass, which is repeatedly stealing the limelight from Donald Trump continue?

The bellicose bully in the White House has been repeatedly shouted down and over shadowed but can it continue or diminish with time?

Since election night, Trump has done more to rally the “alt-left” than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined, but it is a long haul and to facilitate change, communities large and small from coast to coast will need to be energized as they go to the election booth each fall. It is unclear to me if the momentum can be sustained, but just in case, I’m wearing comfortable shoes and ready to march. I hope I’ll see you online, out in the streets and most importantly, talking to your friends, neighbors and elected officials.



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