Flights from Boston to Cape Verde start June 1

Azore Airlines, Africa, travelLast week Azores Airlines announced that starting June 1, 2017 they will provide service from Boston to the Cape Verde Islands with one stop in the Azores before landing in the capital city of Praia (the word means beach in Portuguese) on Santiago Island. A special fare of $704 round trip including taxes and fees is currently on sale until February 28, 2017 for flights booked between June 1 to June 30, 2017 and September 1 to December 8, 2017. Flights are twice a week: Sundays and Thursdays – Boston/Ponta Delgada/Praia.

Cape Verde is volcanic archipelago off the Northwest coast of Africa best known for sandy beaches, Creole Portuguese/African culture and sunny weather. Its largest island, Santiago, is home to the capital, Praia (population estimated at 130,000), a cliff top city overlooking the sea with many beachfront hotels.
Azore Airlines, travel, AfricaIf you are looking for an exotic destination for later this year, Cape Verde, which is off the coast of Africa may be perfect for you. The weather is low 80s year round and sunny. For more information about booking a trip visit or call 800-762-9995.

2 responses to “Flights from Boston to Cape Verde start June 1

  1. Bought tickets for July!!!



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