What percent of your state identifies as LGBT

Massachusetts courting gay travelersGallup released an interesting poll indicating which states had the highest percentage of adults in 2015 and 2016 who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). No surprise here that Vermont had the highest percentage with 5.3% followed by a three way tie with Massachusetts (4.9%), California (4.9%) and Oregon (4.9%). Nevada (4.8%) rounded out the top five.  Gallup research also showed national increases in every region of the US with 4.1% of all adults in 2016 identifying as LGBT (that is up from 3.5% in 2012).

Nationally the number of LGBT increased to 4.1% in 2016

gay, lesbian, bisexual, population by stateThe Pacific Region which includes the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii, has the highest portion of LGBT-identifying adults with 4.9% of the population identifying as LGBT followed by New England (4.5%). A number of factors explain the increase in the LGBT population including but growing public acceptance and more millennials coming of age and coming out were both cited as probable reasons.

You can read more about this on the Gallup website here.

2 responses to “What percent of your state identifies as LGBT

  1. Interesting that VT scored higher than MA


  2. Based on what I read on the Gallup Website, I AM one of the 3.6 % of LGBT who live in New Jersey.

    Also, I think that I would be in the “Generation X” category, since I was born in 1970.



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