Men in kilts

men in kilts, men's fashion, handsome man in kiltI’m unsure what it is about the kilt but gay men have an affinity for this article of clothing so I’m creating a new weekly post showcasing men in kilts.

Let me know what you think. Do you have a photo in a kilt that you’d like me to share? Forward it to me at

Previous Men in Kilts Posts

5 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. a photo to the memory of the late Frank McNeill, and companion Mortimer


  2. Great photo! Liking this new section of your blog


  3. great idea. i am not a regular follower, but will generally follow a link from matt rettenmund when he tags you. that said, men in kilts are beyond hot, and there are plenty to choose from from tumblr and blogger.


    • Hi Jack – thank you for leaving a comment and appreciate you stopping by to check out my corner of the Internet. Matt has been a tremendous supporter of my blog, cross-posting a number of my blog posts.


  4. Could the reason be easy access?



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