Men in kilts

men's fashion, men in kiltI’m unsure what it is about the kilt but gay men have an affinity for this article of clothing so I’m creating a new weekly post showcasing men in kilts. This week’s post takes a cheeky turn.

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8 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. Just dropping by to say I’m a fan of the men in kilts posts and will be back to check every time you post 😉


  2. Looks like he’s ready for me to finish the undressing part. Wonder what comes next?


  3. I’m torn between wanting to pull down his kilt or pull up his socks!


  4. Do you remember I have this painting in my bedroom? This must be the actual model it was based on…. the sketch was drawn by a Scottish artist.


  5. Nice shot!


  6. Now that’s the way to almost wear a kilt!


  7. I do like this picture has a very strong sexy appeal. Ivan



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