Addicted to Netflix “The 100” and Ricky Whittle


Actor Ricky Whittle

It finally happened. Sergio and I got bit by the Netflix bug. As amazing as it may seem to some, until recently our TV consumption was solely via Comcast, but a few weeks ago a friend got us hooked on a Netflix series called The 100

The series which initially started on The CW in March 2014 is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama loosely based on a 2013 book by the same name. The series follows a group of 100 teens who are sent back to Earth to see if it is inhabitable from “The Ark” a space station that holds survivors who fled Earth just in time to escape a nuclear war but is now failing some four generations later. Much to the surprise of “The 100” who land on Earth, they find that indeed the planet is survivable now and more surprisingly there are humans living on Earth.

English actor, Ricky Whittle, is one of those “grounders” as The 100 refer to the Earth dwellers. Needless to say, despite the occasional cheesy scene and an inconsistent story line at times, we are hooked. Actor Ricky Whittle who plays the character Lincoln is a big reason for that. Anyone else watching this series?


4 responses to “Addicted to Netflix “The 100” and Ricky Whittle

  1. Welcome to the world of Netflix! Netflix has TONS of great shows/movies to watch.


  2. Thanks, I was trying to remember the title of this show as I wanted to watch it again. Another show to watch is Shamless, its a good one.


  3. Oh, my Gods!

    Guess what? Season 4 debuted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. no longer has it.

    There was a link about Nathan and Bryan’s relationship, and I was read the scenes between the two characters in Season 3, then noticed a tab labeled “Season 4.” I found that odd, as I had heard nothing about Season 4 of “The 100” on

    Why? no longer offers “The 100.”

    See, BosGuy? Were it not for your post (not to mention taking a nap!), I would not have known about this!!


  4. My dear BosGuy, I have been watching “The 100” since it debuted. However, I began watching it on

    I do not have cable, but a client gave me a flat-screen TV, along with a Google Chromecast setup, but have been so accustomed to watching TV, on my laptop, that I rarely watch TV anyplace else, much less on an actual television set, although it does happen, from time to time.

    There are currently four novels in “The 100” series, written by Kass Morgan. They are, in order in the series:

    “The 100”
    “Day 21”

    Usually, when I watch a television series based on a novel, or series of novels, I wait until said television series is off the air to watch it.

    As for Ricky Little, he is, indeed, GORGEOUS, but he is one of several actors on the show who are gorgeous. Personally, I find Bob Morley, who portrays Bellamy Blake, quite sexy, as well as Henry Ian Cusick, who portrays Marcus Kane (he is certainly the token “Bear” on the show!).

    Not to mention both Jarod Joseph and Jonathan Whitesell, who portray life partners/lovers Nathan Miller and Bryan, respectively. They are each quite sexy and cute!

    Yes, I AM quite the fan of the television series, and the CW is taking far too long to premiere Season 4!!!



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