BosGuy brain teaser

riddle, exercise for your brainEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, share it with a friend or colleague and see if you can figure out the answer together.

I’ll confirm answers in the afternoon so don’t worry if you don’t see your comment posted right away. I want to give everyone a chance to guess.

This week’s riddle:
I’m the longest ruling monarch in history,
The most ruthless that you’ll ever see.

I travel the country with blistering haste.
Laying castles and outposts to waste.

Swatting down cavalry, disassembling the faith,
If I should fall, I’ll see you again on the 8th.

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5 responses to “BosGuy brain teaser

  1. Chess, really? Didn’t understand the references, being a nekkid Twister person myself.


  2. Time


  3. Disassembling faith and 8 would make me think Henry VIII, but he wasn’t the longest ruling monarch. Maybe you’re a butterfly.


  4. The Queen in a game of Chess



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