Men in kilts

handsome, hunk, sexy guy

What is that bushy thing that he is wearing called and what is its purpose? I see these in a lot of the kilt photos I collect but I have no idea what they are.

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6 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. That would be a sporran, think of it as a fanny pack since kilts have no pockets.


  2. I always thought it was just a decorative element to conceal the bulge and help keep the junk from flopping around too much.


  3. It is a sporran pocket or pouch


  4. It’s called a sporran. It functions as a pocket, which kilts don’t have.


  5. It’s called a sporran. Kilts have no pockets so you wear this sweet little purse cum codpiece to carry your bits and pieces.

    PS The knife traditionally worn in the sock is a sgian dubh.


  6. This is such a nice way to start a Monday. Thank you so much! That there “bushy thing” is a sporran, a purse or pocket , if you will. The more you know 🙂



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