Restaurant review: Bar Mezzana

south end dining, south end restaurant

Bar Mezzana opened at the Ink Block one year ago in June 2016 and despite the consistently stellar reviews I never felt compelled to try the restaurant until recently when I was adamant about trying someplace different.

Probably best known for their crudo and pastas, Bar Mezzana’s menu focuses on coastal Italian cuisine. Sergio and I started our meal sharing a taleggio, speck, hazelnut crostini (btw there is an entire crostini section and I’m sure I will eventually try one of each). Although it doesn’t indicate it on the menu, the crostini had a sprinkling of rosemary and was drizzled with honey adding something sweet to the flavors and textures. It was so good we devoured it with a speed bordering on embarrassing.

south end restaurant, south end dining, restaurant review

Bar Mezzana Crostini: Taleggio, Speck and Hazelnut $12

Bar Mezzana’s dinner menu offers pastas and secondi plates for dinner portion meals that range from $19-$22 for pastas and $29-$39 for secondi plates with the exception of the family-style dinner which is $52 / person.

Sergio’s dinner choice, the paccheri, is a handmade pasta dish with chunks of lobster. The photo below gives you an idea of how silky smooth the sauce is but what you can’t see with your eyes is how nicely the lobster flavors the sauce.

south end restaurant, south end dining, restaurant review

Bar Mezzana Pasta: Paccheri $22

For my dinner I opted for an item that I’ve had at many restaurants here in Boston and elsewhere – the brick chicken.  A good restaurant should be able to provide creative dining options like Sergio’s dinner as well as elevating standard plates like my dinner selection, and that is exactly what Bar Mezzana does with their chicken under a brick – served with shredded brussel sprouts, almond slivers and pecorino cheese. The chicken was cooked to perfection and Sergio may have been slightly obsessed by the flavors from my plate, which exceeded my expectations.

south end dining, restaurant review

Bar Mezzana Chicken Under a Brick $27

While it may have taken me nearly a year to try the Bar Mezzana, it won’t take me nearly that long to visit again. I’m hooked and if you give the restaurant a try I’m fairly certain you will be as well. Bar Mezzana is an excellent addition to the South End’s dining scene. It is open for dinner seven days a week and offers brunch every Sunday from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

BosGuy Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Wicked Awesome.

Bar Mezzana
360 Harrison Avenue  ||  (617) 530-1770

2 responses to “Restaurant review: Bar Mezzana

  1. Our restaurant meal tab usually ends at the price of your appetizer! Although calling a taco truck a restaurant is a stretch. We’ll be celebrating my seventh decade next month at my favorite kilo restaurant in Boca and already know I’ll be beached, burned and still beaming the next day.
    Love your blog.


  2. I agree BosGuy – It has been become a new favorite for dining out, and I have taken many friends & clients there to experience it for the first time in this past year. Truly a standout for choices, and always great service. Highly recommend, and glad you & Sergio finally got to try it!



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