FCC halts public comments on Net Neutrality

John OliverA few years ago John Oliver used his platform on his show on HBO, Last Week Tonight (which, incidentally you can watch on YouTube here), to encourage millions of Americans to demand that the FCC preserve “net neutrality”.

On last week’s show Oliver used his platform again to explain what net neutrality is and why if you happen to be reading this article – it impacts you whether you realize it or not. With his usual wit and zeal, Oliver asked  people to visit a website called “GoFCCYourself,” that redirected you to a hidden section of the FCC site where you could comment on the net neutrality proceedings.

Once again millions of Americans did just that. In response to the attention and web traffic Oliver’s show brought to the site, FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai had the website leave the cheeky message you see at the top of this post essentially squelching any chance for you to express your opinion. Interesting side note on Chairman Pai who is new to his role, prior to joining the FCC he spent his career working as an executive at Verizon – a firm that stands to gain a lot if the net neutrality rules are torn up. Welcome to Trump’s America.

Watch this clip:


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