Restaurant review of Mooo….

Columbus Hospitality Group, CHGMooo…. is located in one of Boston’s poshest boutique hotels, XV Beacon. It is also part of the Columbus Hospitality Group which includes restaurants like Mistral in the South End, Ostra in the Theater District / Bay Village  and Sorellina in the Back Bay.

Mooo replaced a very popular restaurant called The Federalist nearly ten years ago in the summer of 2007 and while I’ll admit I loved the bar at The Federalist, Mooo’s modern looking steakhouse is an excellent choice in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, but for today’s visit I was joining two friends for the restaurant’s Sunday jazz brunch.

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Mooo Blueberry Beignets
3 each served $8

The brunch menu at Mooo includes a little bit of everything ranging from pastry to staples like French toast, omelets and steak and eggs as well as sweet options like Belgian waffles and the beignets shown above.  At the suggestion of my friend Tracey, better known as the food and wine reviewer (and avid shoe hoarder) Life Food Wine, we started brunch with an order of their Blueberry Beignets, and I’m happy she made the suggestion because they were warm, sugary and so full of blueberries I still get giddy thinking about them.

Beacon Hill restaurant, boston dining, restaurant review, mooo restaurant

Smoked salmon & egg $18

Tracey ordered the smoked salmon and egg breakfast plate which came presented almost like a frittata. Although I didn’t try her brunch item, she said it was delicious. However, I feel like I ordered more wisely (if not a little less healthy) with the duck confit hash served with two eggs. The plate was served in an oversize metal bowl that made for an impressive presentation.  The eggs were cooked as requested over easy and when I cut the eggs the yolk combined with the duck hash making a rich breakfast dinner even more so. While I rarely get to Mooo, I enjoyed the hash enough that I would easily order this again on my next visit to the restaurant and would  suggest it to anyone who asked.

beacon hill restaurant, mooo restaurant, boston dining, restaurant review

Duck Confit Hash $18

BosGuy Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, Awesome.

Mooo Boston
15 Beacon Street  ||  (617) 670-2515


4 responses to “Restaurant review of Mooo….

  1. I’ve passed by there often and even took a picture of that sign that went on my blog back in 2011 (?) (is that when we had a beer last?). I’ve never been in…..yet.


  2. Good Sunday Morning, I read your blog everyday and I love your reviews of restaurants (among many other items). It makes me wish I lived in Boston, even though I live in beautiful San Diego. Everything looks good and always sounds delicious and awesome.

    I wonder two things, do these restaurants know you? In other words, do they know you are reviewing them or are you always secretive about your intention? I was a waiter in Williamsburg, VA while in college, and I was reviewed twice and never knew it.

    Secondly, I don’t remember ever reading a bad restaurant review (or spa or vacation) from you. How do you manage to pick such winners all the time? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions,and please keep up the good work, you are very interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mick,

      Thanks for reading my blog. With regards to your first question, the restaurants I review do not know I am reviewing them. I’m not trying to be secretive, but I think telling a staff that I’m writing a review seems presumptuous since I’m not a reputed food critic. For better or worse, in the age of Yelp, everyone is a bit of a reviewer these days.

      With regards to your second observation, there are many restaurants I don’t go to or review because they are crappy (IMHO). It is not my intention to use my blog to bad mouth a local business. I’d rather focus on those businesses making my city a better place. For the discerning critic, focus on my reviews that get the highest ratings as places that are truly exceptional. You’ll see fewer 5 star reviews than 3-4 star reviews.

      Thanks again for reading.


  3. The Hotel looks gorgeous . A must stay one day.

    Liked by 1 person


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