Men in kilts

Photo Credit: Richard Findlay || Source:

This week’s post is for all you “legs” guys. If you like what you see you should check out, which has many more photos like this.

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6 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. Hi
    Just a word of advice – it’s probably worth trying to credit the photographer when you ‘borrow’ one of his pics. Whilst it is flattering that you like the pic, the fact that the photographer has to spend time and resource on capturing the subject means that a photographer gets pissed off if you bask in the glory of exhibiting it.
    This pic (shot by me obviously) features the Scottish Heavyweight Gregor Edmunds competing at Thornton Highland Games, Fife, Scotland many years ago. A search on ‘FotoFling Scotland’ and ‘kilt’ will bring up thousands of similar shots of Scottish hunks wearing kilts in everyday situations.
    Contact me if you’d like further pics for your column – I am generally happy for pics to be exhibited if credit given and link back to original site.
    Richard Findlay – FotoFling Scotland


  2. Could you tell him to pull the kilt up a bit please?


  3. clutch the pearls. Those thighs



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