Washington D.C. Pride and the National Equality & Pride March

This weekend Sergio and I visited our friends David and Mark (shown above). Once upon a time these two wonderful men lived in Boston but they moved away and now Washington D.C. is now their home. The opportunity to see our friends, experience D.C. Pride for the first time and participate in the National Equality & Pride March on Sunday, June 11th made for a fantastic weekend. I’m also happy to say we weren’t the only ones from Boston; nearly everywhere we went we saw guys from Boston participating in D.C. Pride and the march. Washington DC Pride, gay DCDavid and Mark were the consummate hosts. We were able to enjoy the D.C. Pride parade from 17th Street for an hour or so before going to their friend Rodrigo’s beautiful condo which had a very large roof deck affording great views of the parade and also happened to have a table full of cold adult beverages.

D.C. Pride was really excellent and was the perfect appetizer for the main course (so to speak), the National Equality & Pride March, the following day.  I might be biased, but I thought Sergio had the best t-shirt of the entire march. Below Sergio’s photo are two nice guys who also gave me a good laugh with their Absolutely Fabulous inspired t-shirts. Gay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchGay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchGay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchFollowing all our marching the group above which are all friends of David and Mark from D.C. and Charlotte did what all gay men do best on a Sunday afternoon – we went to brunch. Our trip was capped off with a very relaxing dinner at another friend’s home in a leafy neighborhood of D.C. All told the weekend was an amazing time and while I have no idea how many people marched on Sunday, it was a wonderful experience we will remember.

Happy Pride

One response to “Washington D.C. Pride and the National Equality & Pride March

  1. I consider myself lucky to have come out while living in the metro DC area, being able to attend such great Pride events every year, and the special marches. Glad you guys had such a terrific Pride Weekend!!



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